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LA POINTE - Bar Restaurant - SARZEAU

A new sea view restaurant opens in the nautical center of Sarzeau! TIP The restaurant offers guests raised terrace of 200m2; a 360 degree sea view

"From 100% Breton or nothing", as could have been the motto of the TIP. Local products from the Rhuys peninsula, mostly from organic farming, TIP is distinguished by its choice of suppliers and the requirement in the selection of products served. Quality and service that its owners do not wish to feel the addition. For an average price of 15 euros, TIP offers a quality / price ratio in the region.

Want to sip a cocktail facing the sea? TIP makes you enjoy the Juice Bar: juices and green smoothies to the extractor: cucumber, spinach, apples, ginger ... delicious cocktails, make up on vitamins before returning to the beach

The TIP is a family story, the slightly crazy idea of ​​two Breton brothers passionate about their region and restoration Alban and Ralph Morel, 28 and 24. In Morel, Brittany is a family affair

TIP is a restaurant and a terrace open to anyone wishing to discover a region rich in culture, scenery and gastronomy.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday




12 route de la Chapelle - Penvins - Centre nautique de Sarzeau